Here's how the process looks like, more or less :)

Step 1

Few Hours

Quote is generated instantly across all vendors for the STL file you submit. Once you submit the request, the vendor is notified to review yourorder. A final quote with payment link is generated for you to confirm the order.

Step 2

1 to 2 days

The vendor performs calibration check on his machine, does required repairs on your STL if any and issues the print command. Most parts are printed in less than 2 days while large parts might take longer.

Step 3

1 days

The printed parts are checked for print errors if any and are post processed based on your order as required. The vendor packs the product to be ready for delivery fulfilment.

Step 4

Few Hours to 3 days

You’ll get a call from your vendor or from Protomake to let you know its ready for pick up. If you have requested it to be couriered, thevendor will update you with a tracking numberonce your package is shipped.